17 January 2007

Two days of confusion

I've been sitting around waiting for school to start for over a month yet today and yesterday, when school was supposed to be in session, Nature decides to take a white dump on Austin. (In Plano, this would be known as a "gentle flurry").

I suppose you can't understand how confused I am, but there are more amusing things to hear about.

For the next couple of days (or weeks or months until someone moves or dies), I'll have a segment entitled WC's Carousings. So let us begin:

WC's Carousings

For example, a certain friend's roommate (hereafter, WC) went to sleep (apparently high and drunk) with a sprite and a kitkat in his hands and woke up at 3AM and turned on the lights, much to the surprise of two people. After carousing through the room looking for food (increased appetite after drugs), he finds some oatmeal and spills it on the floor, then asks his roommates if they were "boosting his s**t". The next morning, they found out that all WC wanted was a cigarette.

During the day, WC asks _____ if CVS takes Bevo Bucks (it does) and runs to the nearby CVS to buy some cigarettes. My inclination is that these episodes will continue and increase in magnitude until UTPD is involved.

And WC, if you find this, don't hate me. Hate your roommates.

Dude, California is floating away cuz WC blew up last night

I hope there's school tomorrow. I'm bored, my internet connection here is shoddy at best and I still miss 3 questions per verbal passage.

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