19 January 2007

Futility. Again.

I shouldn't constantly complain about things, but there are things to discuss. For example, I have yet to receive a departmental scholarship from physics even though my grades are ok. Jeez! What's going on?

I hate that everyone looks at need versus how much a person actually deserves it. I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick. They probably look at me and say "Oh T60? WTF. You get nothing". It's not like I think it's this great thing (even though it is). I guess for me, having these things is "normal". You wouldn't be any different if you grew up like I did. Hence, I'm getting the short end of the stick?

This criteria needs to be changed. Anything but "financial need". Why is that even a concern these days? Either you have [school + work] or you have [school + something else]. Sequencing and writing papers that will never get published are probably harder than serving out fries somewhere. AND I have a job.


Group work. It's not that I dislike it, it's just that I dislike it. Most people don't take consequences seriously. I'm not expecting some kind of perfection from you, just do your job with some kind of respect for it.

I was at Wendy's the other day ordering a chicken sandwich, and the manager tells me it's going to be 3-5 minutes. Yeah, I can wait. Then what do I see? A bunch of people standing around chit-chatting about family issues. What are you doing? Go make my sandwich, damnit.

So finally, I get my sandwich and trot over to Jonny's room only to discover they forgot the meat in it.


So I ate this disgusting veggie sandwich. What a crappy day that was.

In another incident, about two weeks ago, I showed up at the Greyhound station to get my ticket 15 minutes before the bus departed. Now, I'm not expecting airline-level efficiency, but there were 15 people in line and one teller with 2 other employees dawdling around. Even American Airlines is better and I have a strong dislike for American Airlines and TWA*. "Hate" is reserved for other things.

So I didn't get my ticket and I had to take the 8pm bus instead of the 630pm bus, delaying by trip by two hours. I took out my computer and 20 minutes later, it was back in my bag, after quite possibly one of the most uncomfortable 20 minutes of my life, with half the station staring at me. Ironic, because I got the extended battery life so I could work away from outlets longer.

*: TWA because they told me they'd stop the plane and let me off if I kept changing seats. Well fix your windows, fools!

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