18 January 2007


Yesterday we find out that Breeding got engaged. Congratulations, Breeding. Of course, this begs the question- When?.

Without doubt, everyone starts feeling a little weird, almost as if they're falling behind somehow. When does the time come? Thus, the search begins.

2007: Initiation. This initiative came well before Breeding's announcement, the fleet is being upgraded for long-range travel, Deangelo is speaking and I'm working on my heart-piercing eyes. Yes. Whatever.

All this comes at a significant price however and the initiative is, at any time, bound to failure or annullment. There is a special word that signifies "carelessness when something is on your mind" and whether it be Shiva sitting atop the mountaintop mumbling "anyamanask" or Amaterasu screaming "ばか!" atop her lungs, these things cannot be avoided. For example, I forgot to put water into the gel run today and Hans Gruber asked me if I was running a dry run. How embarassing. You'd think that a 9th grade concept would stick, but not running PCRs for 3 months really screws with your head.

I'm sure there's more to come.

WC apparently apologized today for his doings. WHAT does this apology mean? No idea.

[13:03] XXXXXXXXX: whats the dark and white boxes
[13:03] Me: white = DIT open
[13:03] Me: black = DIT closed
[13:03] Me: jeezus christ

[12:55] XXXXXXXXX: oh man
[12:55] XXXXXXXXX: what a shitty day
[12:56] -------------Me: oh mwan
[12:56] -------------Me: what's up booyan
[12:56] -------------Me: still sick?
[12:56] XXXXXXXXX: no
[12:56] -------------Me: awesome
[12:56] -------------Me: we'll be over tomorrow
[12:56] XXXXXXXXX: so i get to the bus stop at 10:35
[12:56] -------------Me: to be kickaess
[12:57] XXXXXXXXX: and i'm still 10 minutes late to class
[12:57] XXXXXXXXX: wtf
[12:57] XXXXXXXXX: two Red River busses pass the stop
[12:57] XXXXXXXXX: before one stopped
[12:57] XXXXXXXXX: ok...so now i'm 10 minutes late
[12:57] XXXXXXXXX: apparently within those 10 minutes our prof said no lab today
[12:58] XXXXXXXXX: so i wait on campus till 2PM
[12:58] XXXXXXXXX: and get to lab, only to find out that there's no lab
[12:58] XXXXXXXXX: and i have gotten hit today countless times by falling ice
[12:59] -------------Me: lololol
[12:59] -------------Me: me too
[12:59] -------------Me: F**K ICE
[12:59] -------------Me: i'm like

[12:59] -------------Me: WTF WAS THAT
[12:59] -------------Me: o
[12:59] -------------Me: ice
[12:59] -------------Me: not pigeons
[12:59] XXXXXXXXX: dude...if pigeons were shitting shit of that size
[12:59] XXXXXXXXX: then...they were constipated for a long long time

And finally, a good Ted Rall cartoon:

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