19 July 2009

Clowns (painful FAIL)

Everyone knows that bustling community to the north (Frisco) is full of crap. All new developments, a hospital with a pathetic emergency center*, built around commercialism, which amounts to sucking North/West Plano's money.

Naturally, that city is full of clowns capitalizing on the cheap real estate. (There's a reason why it's cheap, I just haven't figured it out.)

Also, (naturally) clowns drive like shit. I was backing up (relatively carefully) and there was no one there in the rear view (I checked the camera and the mirror) so I kept backing up, checking my sides when - BAM!

This clown came out of nowhere! I realize "that's what they all say", but honestly, if you see someone backing up (aka, backup lights are on) DON'T PASS BEHIND THEM, ASSHOLE.

I've had to slam on my brakes for countless people that think they can snake past. Fry's Electronics is notorious for people trying to snake past. This one didn't get by.

I don't think the idiot even knew that parking lot fender benders are equal liability accidents.

I've blacked out my license plate #, in case you were wondering.

Ugh! What a painful accident. I ended up with a few paint scratches. His ugly corolla had a nicely carved metal dent. Guess which one costs more to fix! Maybe you'll keep your eyes open next time, clown.

I could have been more careful. $230 to fix. There's a story on that, too -

I went to Maaco to ask about the paint touchup job. I had my Accord repainted there a few years ago for about $700 or so. I get a quote that's $680!** So I ask him - it costs you $700 to paint the entire car, but you're going to charge almost just as much for a touch up?

He went into some explanation about the paints being different, etc, etc. Also, kind of with an attitude. Come on, it's 830AM, and you're already irritated? Was that such an unreasonable question anyway? I know nothing about paint.

I then went to Park Place Lexus and they gave me a quote for $230. Much more reasonable (I guess...?).

I can also stick around and consume all the Mountain Dew / cookies / coffee / newspapers I want, instead of sit in a waiting room-attached-to-the-sales-office and get charged 50 cents for a can of Shasta cola.

Fuck Maaco.

*: Plano has 4 (MCP/Presby/Baylor/Children's). WIN!

In fact, Frisco's medical services are so pathetic, they have more animal hospitals than human hospitals. Good god.

**: I have another car-repair story I'll write about soon.

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