12 July 2009

Ice cream.

Does it really go bad, having been in the freezer since January 17?
More importantly, why has no one eaten it since then? (Dutch Chocolate!)

I consulted Yahoo Questions.


I then read the comments to amuse myself. I learned that "ice goes bad too" and "it will taste like frozen plastic."

It bugs me a little that I'm eating something described to have "freezer burn" and "frost bite" on it. It really does taste gummy though.

That reminds me. I remember a long time ago when school started, everything just looked like one big mush to me. "Parenchyma" or "mesenchyme" as people called it. It seemed like there were a few important things in this bag of water people called a human body, and the rest of it was just mush, filler, gunk, etc.

I suppose it's expected for this to change. It has. Although, fat still looks like gunk. Whatever. Enjoy the picture of the gummy ice cream.

That's my hand, near the top.

What a senile post. This is the kind of useless shit I've been doing over break. Talking about ice cream and taking pictures of my hand. I'm bored. When is class going to start already.

I'll fuss about something tomorrow.

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