03 July 2009

Videos on break

Pardon the imaginative title.

Year 1 of med school ends. I don't feel any different.

I was watching this video of MJ. I think "Beat it" and this song are the only ones I actually like. Someone the other day said that it was "all about the package"* and I was trying to figure that out. The dancing/singing/performance act.

Well. People need to calm the fuck down. I'll admit, it was a good performance. I just can't see myself going that crazy for an artist.

Probably the most annoying set of videos I've ever watched has CNET's Brian Tong on it. He hosts this segment on CNET called "Prizefight" Here's a clip:

Congratulations, douchebag! You look like a small animal. The kind I stress my suspension over trying to avoid on the highway, but probably shouldn't. I just can't take anything you say seriously. Probably due to the fact you look like one of those IC2 assholes.**

I realize the AzN thing was a fad a long time ago. It's over. Seriously. Flatten down the hair and act civilized. Also, your vehicles are weak. Tong should use his "skills" to photoshop himself into the "You Got Beef?" music video. Preferably into one of those really fly Dodge Neons.

lol. Rappers.

*: There's a kiddie porn joke somewhere in there.
**: I have not been able to figure out what exactly they do.

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dracey said...

Alex Yang and Ray Ho would be so furious with you. :)