13 July 2009


I was in one of those pretentious Central Market-ish stores** and I wasn't going to buy anything. Hell, I wouldn't know what to do with half of them. A few things are interesting. Newflower sells things like solar powered cell phone chargers (very tempting, except for the $80 price) and stuff.

Even still, nothing except the honey roasted peanuts called to me. I started getting bored, so I tried something new.

All those pretentious hippie (but really, not) labels are so colorful. So I just took it all in. Just focused on the colors, not the text. It's interesting. Sort of like being in a foreign country.

I think we spend so much time reading text that we forget to look at the strategically placed colored backgrounds and nuances.

*: Great song:

I'm going pretty crazy with this rediscovered 'embed' feature.

**: Hard to describe. Sprouts is kind of like one. Central Market for sure. "Newflower" on Preston Rd. is another one.

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