25 July 2009


Hell yeah!

Hit up DD's happy hour. It's like, the best thing on earth. You'd think that with my intense sugar cravings at times, the filled doughnut (2nd column) would be the best, but no! I've been jonesin' for some Cruelers/Kruelers these days. They're quite magical.

Next time you get one, bite into it to make a radial cut and peer inside. It looks like there's butter lining the walls! Then you start to wonder - damn. That's why it's so good. Being all satisfied with your own reasoning (just by looking at it), you test it out. You take that theory, which is probably about 99% correct, and get that 1% of empirical tactile evidence. So you stick your tongue out to taste the butter, BUT IT'S ALL SOLID. WHAT THE HELL IS THIS WITCHCRAFT.

Seriously though, happy hour kicks ass. The Japanese have a way of describing rain and snow, using the verb "furu", which means "fall from heaven" (historically). Indeed, happy hour ga futta.

Actually, before I found out about boon, I've been hitting a few gyms in Plano, being away from my convenient (but painfully small) apartment gym. I figure I'd just do the 7 day membership trials on each one.

But, let's be real, this is not some expose. I've only been to 2 Plano area gyms.

LA Fitness:

Very nice, 2-story facility. It seemed like their machines were customized for LA Fitness. Wide variety of machines. Full blown snack/juice bar (even though I'm a bit wary of all the booster powders they throw in). Also, had a friendly staff that didn't creep me out. I suppose the only con was that it's kind of south of my comfort zone to still keep calling it Plano. (It's near the Bush tollway).

Cost: Apparently, $30 a month. (!!!)

Vibe: Urban professionals who work out after work and semi-retired* people pumping some serious weights (much more than me).**

24 Hour Fitness:
A seriously ghetto place. I saw 2 people on staff there, both equally creepy. People kept dropping weights all over the place. What's with the mirrors on every wall? Even the pillars? Seesh. The machines were clunky and there's a limited variety. People keep dropping weights all over the place. Did I mention that already? That was seriously annoying. The parking lot made me worry for my vehicle.

Cost: About the same, $30 a month.

Vibe: Gangbangers who were pumping up for their "hits" and drug deals later in the day.***

The biggest problem is really, that I left my gloves in my apartment.

*: Retired people who realize that they still contribute to the world. Hard to define, easy to spot. Kind of like pornography.
**: Sigh.
***: I've been watching The Sopranos these days. I'm starting to talk like them. However, New Jersey still sucks. And always will. What an armpit of a state. Kind of like Austin. Fuck austin.

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