10 July 2009


Man I love this commercial:

The Chinese one? Not so good. Pretty horrible actually. He has masked facies like a Parkinson's patient. What did he invent to have such a smug look?

I was in the ER the other day (not as a patient)* and the first time the attending** chooses to remember my name, she yells "Glove up! and get ready to tradeoff on compressions!"

A second later I felt a light jab in my stomach - a nurse handed me a pair of gloves. It's too bad they called it before I had a chance to get in.

Mid-40s, MVA, respiratory and cardiovascular collapse, they were doing CPR for about 20 minutes. The thing is, MVAs come in all the time. Trauma rooms are populated all the time. If you really want to know if something serious is going down, look for the religious liason standing outside.

*: I used to ask "Have you ever been to the hospital before?" in my interviews. After a few interviews, I started adding "as a patient". Somehow, "hospitalized" sounds too clunky and serious, like they took a trip through the ICU or something.
**: Rockstars.

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