21 December 2006

Borat sucks.

Ed.: I feel bad for posting this idiots picture, so I'll post an interesting (good) looking actress picture in the end.


It's been a long time since I saw such cruddy humor. There are like 10 things funny in this movie... the rest of it sucks. Don't see it. I feel like I could have gotten more sleep last night.

Also, there are some scenes that I would like to be spared from in the future from namely, naked men running around.

I've had American History everyday at 8am and that sucks as well. I don't know.. Also, it feels wierd when he keeps saying Indian over and over. Dude. You should be better than that. Everytime you say something about Indians attacking the settlers, the two Harley Davidson boys in the corner start giving me eyes.

Sigh. The probably think I'm somehow related to these Native Americans.

American History in itself is pretty boring. What history? There's only 200 years or so with over half of it exemplifying racism and subjugation. 200 years is not a history. Compared to European history or Asian history, 200 years is like.. one empire/dynasty/shogunate.

Then there are those who say "Those that don't learn from history are bound to make its mistakes". I'm sorry, unless you want to go into public policy or something, this statement is pure bulls**t.

You make mistakes because you're stupid, not because you failed to study history. Apart from this, there are few valid reasons to study history (especially as your only major). Those of you that "take history to learn its lessons" (or whatever), don't take American history. Its BORING. Colonists? Locke? SIGNING THINGS? Americans are pussies.

The only interesting thing I've read about in this class was Spain trying to restore the Catholic faith to England and getting her* navy totally owned by a storm. That's interesting, not how a bunch of pussies got together in some coop house to discuss some declaration of independence.

What an incredibly cocky thing to do! I regret George III was on the throne, because I would have totally owned those little s**ts with the Royal Navy if they didn't pay me any taxes. How dare they go up against one of the most powerful navies? One word: Firebombing. That'll keep them in line. Britain did not try hard enough. Two chances to totally own the colonists : Independence War & War of 1812. Oh please. Just sit right outside their coast and batter them until they surrender.

The English are pussies.

*: I'm fond of giving things female gender. E.g. countries, ships, computers, etc.

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r said...

it's common to call ships, countries, etc., by a female gender.

what happened to the other photo at the bottom?

some mexicans walked in behind me and they probably think im a perv looking at pics of asian girls all evening. damn it, dee.