10 December 2006

What's going on?

Here's a list of movies I have seen in the last couple of weeks...

Very good movie. Often times, I draw parallels from 007 to my life. If only I could be angrier and have better rhetoric, I would make an awesome secret agent. Perhaps that can be my cover - happy go lucky physicist/doctor/sheep herder by day, assassin by night. 40-year old men hit mid-life crisis and realize they want to be in a rock band, I'll hit mid-life crisis and join the CIA.

Perhaps something bad needs to happen to me, like my name being on some black list of the elite scientific journal club. Then I would surely (絶対!) go nuts.

Craig seemed a little... unrefined in his approach, especially in the beginning scene in the bathroom, but I'm sure his character will develop. Also I would like to say that this times' bond girl was actually interesting unlike ones in the past which were just boring (sometimes even boring to look at).

This next movie is partly the reason why everyone thinks I can't be a secret agent. Funny movie. I especially liked the part in the end when time slowed down because I kept looking for incongruities apart from the obvious and couldn't find any. This was pleasing and now my zen is centered again.

You may laugh that I watched this, but after you watch it, you'll understand. Either that or there's something wrong with me.

The tagline for this poster makes it seem like a "The Notebook" remake.* There is a lot of death in this movie and it was kind of interesting. Except I didn't really absorb most of it since I was watching it the morning after the night RobC** drank 10-11 shots for his 21st birthday. Yet it was amusing and I think I want a small penguin to keep.

Everyone is getting so old and I'm still a minor.


Meanwhile, nothing else is going on. Two finals - Japanese & Classical Dynamics, so the hardcore studying is due to start soon - perhaps tonight.

*: If you have this movie as "favorite movies" in your profile, go kill yourself.
**: who became extremely content with life after 10 shots.

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