24 December 2006


Apparently, there are interesting things everywhere. Accordingly, lots of retarded things as well. For example, on my Google personalized page, there was "How to Care for a Donkey".

In any case, here's an interesting story (also found on my google page):


I should probably create "a realm of the kickaess" and put people in it.


Night Showers

I've always said they were disgusting but now I'll provide quantitative proof.

There you have it. Now I will completely and utterly own people that take night-time showers by declaring them nasty.

The shaded light blue area is obviously sleeping time.

The black line represents people that take showers at night time (here, 21, meaning 9pm). The red line represents people that take morning showers, aka 730am. As you sleep, the secretions accumulate, thus at 730am, when MorningMan is clean, NightNasty is dirty.

Moving along. If you follow the graph closely, you'll realize that the shaded area (with thick, 2nd grader lines) equates to how much dirtier the NightNasty is compared to MorningMan, during the day.

Night shower people - you're dirty. Get used to it. A frequent excuse they use is -HEY! At least I take a shower once a day! Yes, you are correct, the amount of secretions accumulated by MorningMan and NightNasty are quite the same. (the green circles indicate this point)

BUT! The difference is, when you see NightNasty in the morning, he/she is quite dirty.


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