26 December 2006

Nail Polish

I've watched a couple of movies since last post: Cars and Talladega Nights. One was good, one was bad. I'll let you decide which was what. (or just keep reading.)What a great movie! I dare say the main car-acter has some likeness to me, until he changes, that is. What is this emotion thing anyway? Unlike him I believe team play is important, just not teamplay on equal levels. Physicist-Physicist-Physicist-Physicist doesn't work, but Doctor-Nurse-Nurse-Nurse-Patient-Patient works.

I'm almost ashamed to say this, but I grew quite fond of the pickup truck and his humorous retardation as well as his buck teeth. Tow Mater. Rofl. Also, the tractor tipping scene cracked me up very greatly. Overall, the movie was very amusing.

The helicopter was also kickass. Anything that flies is awesome.

Then I watched this horrible movie. Ballad? Didn't seem like one to me. Anyway, here's a guy that's on a team whose members are on completely unequal levels but ends up getting screwed in the end. I say I land somewhere between Ricky Bobby and Lightning McQueen.


I tried to get a better shot, but this is as good as it gets.

I was going to go to 中本 (Google Map Link) to eat with Cynthia and Jonny but since Cynthia bailed on me, we decided to go to some cheap place in the mall (yes.. "cheap" - I'm sure most of you are aware of mall prices...). So after we eat, I'm barely full (meaning I have to eat dinner later) and I'm roaming around when this girl verbally ambushes me - asking me to see my nails and proceeds to SHINE my ring finger, then places cuticle oil to smoothen it out with Vitamin E oil.

Look into the picture and you'll see a slight shine on my ring finger. I feel somewhat uncomfortable looking at that finger now. So.. shiny! It feels unnatural. Just like using mechanical pencils. [shudder] Ew.

... That fool Jonny kept laughing.

Here she is in all her glory.

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r said...

wtf were you doing watching that second movie?


but, yes, <3 cars