14 December 2006

Trials and Tribulations

Japanese final is over, now all that's left is Physics and some 70 hours left to study for it. These are the trials. Interestingly enough, Tuesday morning, when (most) people are fast asleep dreaming of visions of sugar-A's dancing about, I'll be in class, yet again. AGAIN.

Not only that, but I have to immerse myself in one of my least favorite subjects - American History. I am continually whipped by the academic Big Brother (Now Dasher...)

On other news, Andre from lab is leaving for Brazil so we went to some (out there) BBQ place and yes, it was totally what I expected but some how they had central air.

Anyway, conforming to 'Texas Style', I was given an entire chicken to eat. Right now, I have all the meat of an entire chicken, peach cobbler with ice cream, german chocolate cake and a bunch of water to wash it down. Remember of how I spoke of futility (of work)? This is how it begins. The food coma will set in soon.

Then we discussed various ways to smuggle things into the country and my personal favorite - putting a bunch of ant boxes into a FedEx box and calling it a 'board game' on customs declarations.

On hindsight I should have drank the Guiness that they offered me to wash it down (and out). My stomach hurts - not because of 'excess' food, but because I refused to throw it away and ate my portion (+20!). Hence the tribulations.

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