12 December 2006


What the hell is up with this weather? It's 70 degrees outside in the middle of December. Ah what does it matter.. There's only 3 semesters left here anyway.

Speaking of which, finals are coming up. Every semester, there's a Japanese final and every semester I forget what I did the previous semester to prepare. Hence, panic ensues. Like right now.

Japanese final in 25 hours.

Physics final in 139 hours.

I suppose things are now hopeless for the Japanese final, but here's my plan for the physics final- 139 hours left less [36 hours of sleep], less [14 more hours for food/showers, etc], brings me to a near... 89 hours of time left to study for this test. I hope this will be enough.

Meanwhile, for my 5-10 minute breaks, I've been amusing myself with stereoscopic images.


It annoys me that people keep posting up the red/green versions of these images rather than the true stereoscopic image. For example:

I much prefer this version:
Than this version... Both are useless since the conventions used for the euler angles don't match those in my notes/book and it's a hassle to try to link them (a decision that could potentially backfire).

I now realize that the two-color version only exists because people can't cross their eyes right (what you've never crossed your eyes?). So many hilarious and amusing techniques exist on the web to help people do this.

Theoretically, it shouldn't matter for this image, except for the annoying detail that I don't have a pair of 3D glasses. When viewing normal photographs encoded with stereoscopic information, it becomes a problem because the colors are distorted.

If anyone finds a site with a bunch of stereoscopic images and wants me to fail my physics final, please post.

There is something to be said about futility and the next 142 hours will be peppered with it.

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kevin said...


Here look at these!

Boredom. That was almost 2 years ago too. What's with the no image linking? Lame.