20 August 2005


Yes. Sometimes I am far behind the rest of the world, but I just saw Batman Begins today.

I loved that psychotropic compound that psychiatrist used. I want some of that stuff...

On other news, I got a card in the mail, saying Comcast is doubling our connection speed for free...I think its taking them a while to slowly rise it or something...

It used to be 4000down 385up.

Ah well. Next week is the last week of shadowing (which means I have to get some pictures of Methodist, etc.). I will write about the most interesting (comical as well as serious) of events in a chronicle post sometime.. next week..

Next week is also when I'm moving out to UT. See you guys there. I know I've been flaky all summer. Gomenasai.

Also, next week is when I plan to get that super awesome cool flashlight, which is $54, which means it really is awesome.



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shinigami said...

I'll have you know that Dr. Crane is hot. And also, Cillian Murphy is a fantastic actor. And Christian Bale has fantastic bone structure.