18 August 2005

Immigrants and rednecks.

I was driving back from shadowing today, listening to NPR (National Public Radio). They were talking about immigration, and this caller called saying "Immigrants come here and they use all the services (road, hospital, etc) but don't have a say in anything."

After hearing this, I thought she would say something like "They should be allowed to vote". She goes "I think we should force them to become citizens or remove them".

BAaaAahahaha... That's the problem with Texas. Too many rednecks with shotguns.

That Sheehan woman left Crawford today (as many of you know, she's sitting outside, waiting for a meeting with the president because her son died in Iraq).

She'll be back. You know, I think her cause is justified, but she probably won't get a meeting. I love the media circus she's creating.

Although, if I was her, there'd be a lot more than "protests".. Can anyone say.. grenades? maybe a dirty nuke or two....

Oh and before anyone comments, I despise any country that uses nuclear or thermonuclear devices for anything..wars..threatening..etc..(Basically US, Pakistan, North Korea = Axis of Evil)

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