28 June 2006

another one of those coffee-filled days + wtf happens in patterson?

Yep. You know what that means... I get no sleep tonight. Not only because of the caffiene, but when that starts to wear off, the diuretic tendencies of coffee will kick in, and I'll be going to the bathroom like 6 times.

I have one more seat empty for the drive back to Plano on Friday. So far: Me, Robert, Theresa, Karen. Anyone else?*

*If you ask for a ride, because of your late request, I will have to charge you a 24Oz bottle of Mountain Dew and $15 for gas.
\I suppose many of you know that I spend much of my waking life in this mysterious building called PATTERSON. What happens there? Most people who have never entered it think it's Engineering or Physics. People who have entered it, know its bio research, but have no idea beyond that.

Here's the 3 projects that occupy 98% of the time
  1. Actinomycetes: These little buggers live on a certain ant species, but no extensive research has done on them. Extract --> Amplify --> Sequence. Amplification is by far the hardest step, again, since so little research has been done, very few documentation exists.
  2. Megalomyrmex/Trachymyrmex: This is basic extraction/sequencing. No research done here, just to learn basic lab technique
  3. Another mutualism project- has yet to begin. I have to do some reading first.
\I made up a new word today. I do this a lot, but this is the first time I'm posting about it.

Toob + miniscule = toobiscule.

Yes. I totally made that up. Don't believe me? Ask the all knowing genie: google.

It's a small toob. What is a toob? You'll have to look that up. In a couple of hours (or days), when you search for toobiscule, I'll be the only website with it. AWESOME

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