26 June 2006

Ow my leg

I ran/walked 3 miles yesterday, and now my right calf is on FIRE. I feel like getting some morphine, putting it in a syringe, and just jabbing it into my muscle. I suppose this is how most drug addictions start...
\Today, the philosophy teacher tried to explain evolution. This guy should really stick to his work. That was the most pathetic explanation of evolution ever. He was pausing for a couple seconds after each sentence, as if it required a pause.

Then he said "but we really don't know the chemical origins of life" and some girl was like "..isn't that like STRING THEORY"

I WAS LIKE OMG GOOD GAME, MISS. I had to contain my laughter for quite some time.
\I got a new class! Check it out.

Fall 2006 Schedule

Yeah... I replaced computational physics with a biomedical engineering class. Exciting.

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