25 June 2006

SPAM WTF?!%(@*#*% + 料理 + Lipstick

I'm not sure how much spam you guys get, but since I don't have any numbers in my email address, I guess that makes it particularly easy to spam. I'm glad GMAIL's spam filter takes care of most (95%) of spam.

Still, there are certain spam emails which make so little sense, it's amusing to read. For example...


X & N A X
V A L / U M
A M B / E N
L E V / T R A
P R O Z & C
M E R / D / A
S O M ^
C / A L / S
V / A G R A

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grabbed your leg from behind in the dark, tripped up your feet, and
kicked you in the back!
Then why didnt you pick him up again?
Good heavens! Can you ask! Goblins fighting and biting in the dark,
everybody falling over bodies and hitting one another! You nearly
chopped off my head with Glamdring, and Thorin Was stabbing here there

These spammers have strange fantasies! What's all this talk about goblins and stuff? See more:

After all there is the Side-door, and dragons must sleep sometimes, I
If you sit on the doorstep long enough, I daresay you will think of
something. And well, dont you know, I think we have talked long enough
for one night, if you see what I mean. What about bed, and an early
start, and all that? I will give you a good breakfast before you go.
DUDE! Now it's vampires...
\So yesterday we cooked some stuff. Peach and Blueberry "pie" and spaghetti chicken. こんなにおいしい食べ物を食べたことがない。Well, perhaps I have, but not from a bunch of minors. (Yes I know we're all 20, but do we FEEL 20? I feel 14...maybe 15.).

*The altavista translation for the above statement is "So, you eat the tasty food and the callous do not grind". You know.. I sometimes use that for homework... So it's been messing me up all this time...

Beyond that, absolutely nothing is happening. It just.. do some homework, procrastinate some philosophy reading, write a lab report here and there when you feel like it.. basically mull around until something exciting happens.

Of course, by cook, I mean I peeled the peaches and washed some dishes. Yes. Lazy (incompetent) to the max.

You know what one of the worst feelings is? When you shave, and you forget bits on your face. Like this morning I forgot my to mow the mustache. That just feels wierd.

Also, I will be going back this Friday evening to Plano, and I have two more seats left empty in my car. So whoever* doesn't want to take that fiendish Greyhound back, holla-back young'nes**. Also, it will be much more comfortable. As of right now, it's me, Theresa, and her cousin. So yes. One full seat and one small seat available.
*: cute girls only. :)
**: please excuse that spurt of ebonics.

And I have to note... the Japanese font on OS X looks so much better. I will probably put comparisons up later.
\The other day I was talking to Cynthia and she started telling me very useful things. For example, you can somewhat derive the personality of a girl by looking at her lipstick. If her lipstick is flat, then she's stubborn. If its whittled down to a cone, then she's high maintenance.

So next time I'll be like HOLD UP.. Let me see your lipstick first. Ok you pass/fail.

If anyone has more qualitative tests like that, I'd like to hear them.

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