14 June 2006


O huzzah. Did you guys see Ukraine vs Spain. Holy cow. Ukraine got pwned. Oh and Tunisia ties with damn Saudis.

Philosophy is hard. Usually when I speak up in class, it's to give an answer, or at least, my statements have some merit.

But yesterday, I said something, and he was like "I don't see the force behind that", and moved on. Pwned. :(

So as of right now, I have no idea what's going on. Something about Kant/Buddha/Upanishads. It would probably help if I paid attention when I read something, but that doesn't work either, since I'm illiterate.

The other day, they started talking about molecules and stuff. I was like... "Ok.. you're a philosophy teacher, I'll give you the water molecule". But then he went and started talking about protons and quarks. This is why I have trouble paying attention. Some hippie in philosophy knows what quarks are.

That's another thing. Why is that teacher so badly dressed? He comes in with a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. That's a very very far cry from the hardcore sciences, who either have a tie or a dress shirt/slacks AND they have one of those leather binders with the UT seal in which they carry all their class notes.

This hippie reads off the website.

More Commentary:

1. What happens when you greet them?

  • Philosophy : Hai [gum-showing smile](not "yes", but "Hi" in the most hippie way possible)
  • Physics : Good Morning. [content appearance, quick exit]

2. Conduct in class:

[someone says a mildly amusing joke]
  • Philosophy: HAHAHAHAHAOWIJAOWIJADOIWDAOWDHEEHEEE [eyes well up, teeth/gums all exposed, etc, makes you think he's a pedophile]
  • Physics : [light chuckle] Moving on to _____ quant___ in tran___ ____-incorporating systems
(fill in the blanks with appropriate terms)

3. Planning

  • Philosophy: Should we have a quiz? I think so. Perhaps a review session. Oh man, that means I have to make review notes.. gosh darn it.
  • Physics : We're having a quiz* next week. I'll give a 10 minute review, and you're expected to know how to do Fourier transforms** on it.

*Note, that when he says "quiz", he really means a 6-8 page quiz, which is called a test among my internal advising circles.
**Ability to do Fourier transforms is a pre-requisite to being kickaess.

4. Patience with other hippies

  • Philosophy: Hey, CharLAY, how's life? Did you read that excerpt from ____ yesterday? Wasn't it interesting?
  • Physics : Go kill yourself. [exit]

As you can tell, I don't like him very much. Either because I can't understand, or he can't teach. I'm actually leaning toward the first reason. Perhaps I'm just bitter.

I had my Japanese Oral today, and I totally screwed up one question:

Katayama: What must you do in class? (nani o shina kereba narimasen?)
Me: You must sleep. (nena kereba narimasen)

Of course, that answer makes no sense, even though I phrased it (gramatically) correctly. At least... I think I did.

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hi deb. haven't talked to you in a while. hope things are well.