23 June 2006

Computers in college.

I'm going to preach now. If you go to college, you need a laptop, not a desktop. And if you said you want a desktop for 'gaming purposes', you're a douche.

No one in college should be gaming THAT much to actually need a gaming computer (most of which are outdated in 2 years). Seesh. Go out, have fun with friends or something. Don't sit infront of a computer to 'game' like a lifeless loser.

A laptop will last you more than 4 years.

There are a bunch of otakus in my Japanese class. Yes.. I'm looking at one right now... Yes you. You're an otaku.

Otakus are really sad. They enter UT as a Japanese Language major, and then, 2 years later, find out that they really suck at it, but haven't thought of any other major/lifeskill/talent. Then they're pretty much screwed, cuz no one wants to take something they're not good at.

Now... an expose of my desktop...My desktop can answer a lot of questions about me.

owait. the otakus are here... they'll start making gay comments about photostop... picture later
UPDATE: Picture Posted...

Note, there are lines, and important things are in highlighted circles.

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rob said...

photoshop has sex with paint shop - the same gender!