17 June 2006


Yesh. It started raining around 6 ish, so I couldn't sleep. Plus it's all like cold outside right now. I bet the hobos are getting a relief from the sun.

Actually, I was going to write about temperature. What's up with people acting like gangsters and pulling down their windows and playing loud music. Seesh. With all that drag and the power to the speakers, you could probably turn the AC on.

Oh Yeha. At the end of the PHL test, he was like "What's so hard? There's only 3 false in the True/False section..". Some people hadn't turned in their tests, so they were like OOHSHIITT. Yeah. Mainly the hippies though.

I found this group on facebook -
Yeah. Haha. Pretty funny. She's usually pretty quiet so I can kinda imagine her thinking "Hanbaagaa wa sugoi", plus she says repeatedly that she likes to eat.

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