22 June 2006

What is going on?

Ever get that feeling that you're not doing anything? I've been stuck in this doldrum for such a long time. Spring semester was a lot of work, and kept my mind off things. Now its... Philosophy (which I do little work for) and Japanese (which is like... 10 minutes of homework + 10 minutes of studying for quizzes a day).

There's nothing to DO. And this TV is a dastardly thing. You turn it off, and its such a distraction.

Hmm. All those commercials with Macs and PCs are missing a very important point. Yes. Macs can do a lot of things "right out of the box", but with the proper pirated software, PC's can do more. Much more.

Philosophy sucks. I go to class, 10 minutes later, I'm asleep, then an hour later, I wake up for the last 5 minutes of class. The only thing saving me in that class is Wikipedia.


Look at that. I thought it was mostly Austin, but it turns out, most of Texas is full of hippies. I mean look at those two pictures. Ok and one more thing. How does someone named KINKY expect to win? Surely with that redneck cowboy cigar-toting image, he'll lose the urban voters.

Indepenent gubernatorial candidates are either 1) too stupid/ignorant/hippie (I think stupid = ignorant = hippie?) to realize they'll lose or 2) want to make a point about something, and have enough money to do it.

Those two candidates are so pathetic... "Grandma" and "Kinky". There should be congressional inquiries about how people like this still exist.

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