01 June 2006

Karma / First Day / My philosophy teacher is a hippie.

Then again, that statement is redundant. Still, I've never heard anyone actually use the word 'rumpled'.

Today is the first day of summer class, and it rained. That's a good thing. Let me begin with something hilarious that totally made my day:


That is awesome. He totally deserves it. Only a dirty ______ would do that. I hear the buyer is offering a truce. No truce, I say. I say make him buy a customized laptop to the EBAY specifications he listed, and a public apology. That's fair.

I think this is why suicide bombers exist. lol. Ever heard of Karma, Amir? Perhaps Allah will offer some guidance. (or not.)

Seriously, how do _____ people like this exist?

In other news, first day went well. Like I said, my philosophy teacher is a hippie. Also, he's a little too excited. My eyes get tired following him around. Somehow, I have homework, but I don't feel like doing it. I'm just... sitting here in lab, reading about tards.

note: All expletives/racial slurs have been omitted for decency's sake.

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Anonymous said...

5 days oh noes