12 October 2006

Amazing what 10 minutes can do.

It was raining and I felt like riding the bus today, when, in all my years of searching, I randomly got to (2nd-hand) experience the beginnings of a human mating cycle.

I got on the bus as did someone else, a young black fellow with a large diamond earring in his right ear (for description's sake). The bus puttered along; it was raining and many people decided to take the bus. All of a sudden "DAWG That's some fayine rock ya got thurr. You aer kinda hawt, comma here lemme talk to ya" from a young black girl in a seat. The guy trudged his way over and they started making small talk, but small talk was hardly private when the bus was this packed (and a little noisy), so half the bus got to key into the conversation. It started with casual jabs back and forth about his clothing, what he does, what's in the "laptop bag". (What IS in the laptop bag anyway?) Finally, what's going on this weekend. Invitations were made, parties announced and a hookup complete. The young male specimen then seated himself down once people had cleared with a large grin (easily visible to the female) and the sparkle from his teeth only overcome from that of his earring.

So that was just a description, no labels, just what I saw. Commentary? First, The protocol of mating utilized here is 1) exceedingly blunt and 2) coming from the wrong gender. In fact, the words "You are kind of hot", I would probably never utter unless heavily inebriated or under the influence of psychosis-inducing drugs. Secondly, earrings look nice on girls, only. Even then, only a select few are acceptable. Hoop earrings? No. Let me digress and give you a link to one. Third, the next appropriate encounter for me would be either a school event or a dinner or coffee or lunch or _____ (fill in with calm peaceful food engagement) and not some place to get 'krunk'.

My preferred method would have very little small talk in the beginning, as I'd probably try to solicit her opinion on various things and hopefully, she can voice some on scientific issues- Which.. I highly doubt any general 'true' opinions exist; this quick barrage would be meant to probe other things.

Apart from verbal communication, non-verbal is probably more important. People that exhibit jerky (includes the feminine 'bubbly') demeanor are very difficult to be around for long periods of time. It's soothing to be around someone calm, yet they probably shouldn't be calm all the time. I can name examples of both- constantly jerky and constantly calm.

I was supposed to leave FAC at 8pm. It's now 8:04pm. [Work + Schedule] is more important than this blog. I apologize. Anticipate a post tomorrow.

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