06 October 2006


I saw the new Southpark episode yesterday and that tipped me over, convincing me to try this new energy drink called ROCKSTAR. If you watch it carefully, large Cartman is drinking one of these while rock music is playing in the background.

This drink has one of the most bitter tastes to it, but I have an inclination to believe it works. The resulting sugar-high completely numbed my senses, including shyness and I had multiple squall moments this morning. It's like that one character in Naruto that fights better when he's drunk. Damn it, I just made a reference to Naruto.

I think, it also made my voice a little deeper, which sounds weird since I don't have a excessively muscular build and many things amuse me, so I laugh frequently. I will note, for those of you that don't see me on a day-to-day basis, I have a better muscular build than probably 70-80% of people in my weight range.

So the question remains- Did I feel like a ROCKSTAR? Head-banging and guitar-jamming? Probably not. This brings me to another point. Many many people laugh and criticize the council-member thing, but what they fail to realize is their greatest weakness is probably one of my better strengths. Too many people engage in impulsive, regrettable decision making, and then turn around and make fun of the 8-hour shifts the council takes.

I believe one of my greatest strengths is objective decision making- I rarely ever make an impulsive decision, fueled by weakness and susceptibility to temptation. Probably Oma's Kitchen (or Korean food in general) and girls with puffy cheeks are my greatest weaknesses.

Fortunately, I don't eat that much and not too many girls exist with just puffy cheeks (as opposed to having poofy cheek and a poofy body).

Ok. Time to die in Classical.

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