29 October 2006

More Sickness.

Update: People recently have been asking me about the seven strong acids and I must repeatedly tell them I have no idea beyond 4.
Here: HCl, HBr, HI, H2SO4, HNO3, HClO3, HClO4
Don't ask again. I already forgot.

Still sick? You bet, although I can feel it getting better. DST is a weird thing. I woke up this morning at "6:30AM" and told myself I should sleep until 9AM which was hard so I just toobed around in bed for 30 minutes.

Another thing, the tutoring service appointment servers are down. You know, for such a crappy system, you'd think that it would work all the time, or at least have 99.999% uptime (Carrier class servers...).

I think during orientation, they said they had two backup servers. I suppose they're down as well. You know, it's not that hard to manage 50-70 tutors and at most 500-700 tutees. In fact, the center makes at least a dollar for almost every tutoring appointment..., so they need to *cough cough* fire someone and hire a programmer, pay him 10-12k and design a better system.

Ridiculous! Apparently I hadn't been noticing it, but the regular emails about our appointments the next day stopped about...4 days ago. I didn't even realize I had a Saturday or Sunday morning sessions until I checked online (which.. is probably going to stop working soon).

There's this big problem with Jester, in that it's always damn uncomfortable. Always always always cold. I have to ball myself up in a fetal position to keep warm, jeez.

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viv said...

well, looks like utlc site is fixed. whee.