12 October 2006

As promised

Before I continue on what happened, I just want to say two things:

1) I've upgraded to the new Blogger, so no more crashes and things should run more smoothly.

2) Yesterday I was hit on by a guy.

To make a long story short, I was playing the piano and this guy interrupts me constantly to ask me hippie questions like "Why do you play music?", undoubtedly so he could expand on my answer, which was "I don't know..", an answer strategically chosen to limit any hippie expansion he could have done.

Then he said he loved me and that's not just because of my muscular hands playing the piano. I'm going to keep away and I'm currently on Orange Alert. (see threat alert bar to left)


Let's start with the robot. Actually, there were two robots, me being one of them. If you haven't seen my impersonation of the robot dance, it is priceless. I veered my way over 3/4 way of the dance floor doing the robot and illicting multiple laughs before I started feeling too weird and/or felt like someone would trip me.

Oh well. Most people would be too shy to try this anyway. The second robot was found not by me, but a friend who was forced to dance with him. Robot, as in he didn't know any moves besides the basic salsa step. Yes. Joy was forced to dance with him for quite some time and I laughed from a distance. He looked like Yao Ma, too; a fitting analogy, since Yao's a nub as well.

Hippie Rickshaw:

The two were tired, which in my opinion, is weak. Walking isn't that painful. Anyway, a bunch of hippies were lined up with their human powered rickshaws, so we decided to get one. FIRST, I asked for the price, like any good Asian would. Apparently, they work off tips. TIPS. That means people like Jonny would give them spare change and still be content inside. Hop on one of these things and the hippie started pedaling like crazy (in some high gear) and 6 minutes later, were were done. I gave him $7. Perhaps a little high, but I was feeling sorry for him. I tend to feel sorry for hippies these days.

I will delay the analogy to nuclear import signals to tomorrow.

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