23 October 2006

God complex

Time and again, people have accused me of having a sort of God Complex. So I decided to take their qualms seriously and did some research. Based on the facts (and opinions) I have found about this, I will make a list, and determine applicability on a range of 1-10.
  • A psychological state in which the individual believes him/herself to be, or is destined to become, the savior of the world (actually this is the Messianic Complex). (6 out of 10)
  • A person said to act so arrogantly that he might as well believe he is a god. (1 out of 10)
  • A person said to act as if they were appointed to act by a god. (4 out of 10)
  • Narcissism. (2 out of 10)
I'm willing to bet the Brahmin upbringing has probably amplified this effect much more (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Transwiki:Debadutta). I haven't found an effective way to weight these (paltry list of) considerations, so I'll just take an average, 3.25.

It's not that bad right? Although this statement tends to bug me:
Richter argues that the arrested development of such compulsions leads to denial of suffering, self-doubt and an expectation of servility for women or minorities.
Denial of suffering? No. Lyfe Sux.
Self doubt? Yes
Expectation of servility for women? I hope not.
Expectation of servility for minorities? [No comment, although I'm a minority myself. Since the question is not specific, I am unable to answer.]


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