07 October 2006

Physics major goes clubbing - Part 1

A couple of days ago, me and two others decided to go to Bonggos, to 'salsa'. I'm not actually going to list events in chronological order, rather, I'll comment on a couple of things each day for the next couple of days.

Let's start with the most recent.

After I got back, I went to sleep at around 2:40AM and about an hour later, there was shouting in the hallway, and I could hear the remnants of an alarm's echo. I ignored it and slept another 20 minutes. The shouting persisted, as well as the alarm. This time, I was pissed. I put on my mad-face and walked outside my room in my pajamas holding my flashlight at it's head, with intention to destroy some skulls.

There was a fire drill, at 3:30AM. Everyone was like GO GO GO, so I left to go outside, where it was sufficiently cold in my thin pajamas. I walked around looking for people to amuse me, but alas, it was only the first couple of floors. I should make a habit of sleeping in Patterson over the weekend.

Interesting? Hell no. I have better things to do. Needless to say, last weekend was immensely unproductive, and I'm still suffering because of it. Also, some other things changed, namely, I'm a little infected with a virus, but that should pass.

I'm glad I made a list that night of things that happened (which I will be commenting on), so for the next couple of days, I won't forget what to write about, although I may neglect to write from time to time.

Let's start with the random guy who made a pagan request in the club. I was on the 2nd floor showing Joy how to move and some guy comes up to me and he says:

Pagan: Hey man! You gots some moves, DAWG.
Me: Hey. Um. Thanks.
Pagan: Do you have an extra CONDOM?

It's a good thing my hearing was still good, since asking him to repeat what he said would be embarrasing on my part (and also a little weak). First of all. Extra? These pagans amuse me.

I quickly shook my head and recalled about two hours ago, when Tang was offering me one. Pagans indeed.

Next time -
Hippie Rickshaw
and.. How to enter the dance floor! (with a fair analogy made to Nuclear Import Signals)


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