29 April 2006

Another Korean movie - what else were you expecting

I watched another Korean movie. It was awesome. Everyone, come see me if you want it. Oh it's called "Art of Fighting". Lots of blood, but that's cool. I will have this on my drive until I burn it to a DVD or something.

Now to the main point. Remember that movie that came out sometime ago - Swordfish? I saw it again I think like 2 weeks ago? It's like one of the best Hollywood movies ever. Almost.

Recently, I've been thinking... what if I'm wrong about everything. Some people say "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions." Perhaps... that is what will happen.

If I ever become a bad guy, I would be like this guy. Oh man. He's so awesome. Except he's not that bad in the movie (he steals money to blow up terrorists). I mean, that's not bad. He's probably saving more people than a doctor anyway (which... btw, I'm still on that "plan" for pre-med).


I mean... LOOK AT THAT POSE. I wish I could do that. I need some dark sunglasses. Also, his little beard is so cool. Summer ... summer...

I'll try to transform into him, even the beard. I probably won't have a suit like that though.

Here is my definitive list for ALL PREMEDS.

-Gel pens
-Korean movies.

That last one is really crucial. I think, if the Korean people stopped making movies, I would wither and die, like some plant without water. Swordfish almost makes up for it. Recently I've been watching a lot of Korean fighting movies. I think the last one was about fighting too? Not sure. Oh I almost forgot
That's the last one I saw - Arahan.
I think I'm going to go visit the Blanton Art Museum tonight. I went 30 minutes ago just to see if they had free food, but they stopped me because I wasn't on the GUEST LIST.

Art fools are so pretentious. Anyway, I'm going tonight when they open the museum to hobos and stuff.

Ok! Sorry about that long hiatus. Enjoy this one, more to come later until around finals time, then during that one week I will probably POST DAILY.

Excited? Me too. You know how many Korean movies I'm going to watch when finals are over? It's sick. I'll have to pry my eyes open 24/7 to enjoy the greatness.


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