02 April 2006

Lab Expose - Part 1

I hope you guys thoroughly enjoyed the April Fool's post. Looking back on it, I have no idea what was going through my head to write that post and make all the changes in less than 10 minutes. Being a girl is definitely very very very easy.

Well here are some pictures.

Robert Chan. I'm pretty sure he was posing for this picture, because right after I took it, he turned to the window, assumed a fetal position, and proceeded to sleep longer.

Kevin Bacon.. i mean Baker. Kevin woke up just to pose as well.

These toobs were still sleeping when I infiltrated their room at 2 in the AFTERNOON.

After that I went to FA fest, which was pretty boring except for the Woman's rugby team...haha

Me Not really....
Me Ok Whatever. But Do I get a cupcake after?

[we arm wrestle, naturally, I win and swipe a cupcake]

Of course Jonathan the freeloader swiped one too, even though he didn't beat the girls. Man those cupcakes were good. After that some girl was screaming FREE ICE CREAM. Then I was like "holy s*** Jon, let's go". Then he was like "look. It's they gay and lesbian club" O SHITZ. run run run.. away.

Also, I met this brown guy who could speak perfect Chinese. It was... wtf? I've heard about this dude, but I always thought it would be something like "Ni...haoww" but NO! He was like "!^$!@#$!@#$!@^!@#$!@#$@#$!!".

haha. That's my impression of Chinese.

Ya I didn't take any pictures, because... I'm lazy. Also, I went through it really quickly scoping the place out for free food. As a result of all my searching for food, Check this out.

Plan Type Balance Status
Dine In Dollars $ 264.52 Active
Rollover $ 0.00 Active
Bevo Bucks $ 32.09 Active

The amount you should have left as of today is: 223.20.

At your current rate of spending, you may expect to have Dine In Dollars
remaining at the end of your contract.

I'M LIKE...$40 OVER. I suppose that's not so surprising, but how about this fact - I was almost a hundred dollars under the "should have left" amount in the beginning of this semester.

Sony. Big Screen. Plugged into Cable TV, DVD player nearby, S-vid inputs. This is entertainment. Saturday night, turn off the lights, watch a movie. kickass. There's a couch on the opposite side. whoo. I've seen many a people waste their time here. But what else is there to do when the machines are running? - pictures of machines coming up later. Tomorrow perhaps.

The lab God lives behind these doors. Someone translate what it says on His door. Sometimes He's there. Sometimes He's not. Actually, the best time to find Him is around 6AM in the morning. I have no idea what He does so early in his office. Today, [yesterday actually = Saturday] He is not in. All those cartoons are making fun of intelligent design..ists (aka.. morons).

I must be getting parkinsons or something because these pictures are shaky. wtf. I'll blame it on the camera.

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