03 April 2006

Goldfish. Cat food. Goldfish...is... cat....food

UPDATE: Yesterday night... my roommate had the munchies and I woke up to find him snacking on like 30 fruit snacks and juice. wtfz.


**********: plastic
**********: you are gonna put the goldfish in it, aren't you?
**********: god damnit
Me: yes
Me: hehe
Me: o snap
Me: i need it
Me: plz
**********: it's a food container
**********: i don't want goldfish shit in it
**********: literally

GUESS WHAT. I got 2 goldfish from FA fest. Yes, I forgot to mention so yesterday, even though I had pictures.

So they gave it to me in a plastic bag, and I don't have a container for it, so Christian and I made a makeshift container for it out of an Ozarka 2.5 gallon dispenser. Never the less, I was keeping the pair in a 1 Litre (!) BEAKER.

Check it out tho.And a side angle:

There is the goldfish on the lab counter. I have to feed it these flakes, and they smell like ***. Seriously, I have no idea how goldfish eat that stuff, it's so .. nasty smelling.

Oh, there are actually two in there. I think I'm going to give them names. How about..."Dev" and "Dr. Meyers"

...that was a very strange inside joke.

Speaking of pet food, have you ever seen cat food commercials on TV? All those mini pieces look so ... luscious. I want to try cat food sometime. Weird? Yes. Perhaps it's because I'm hungry all the time.

mm... cat food... wait a minute. I have cat food. Yes. In fact. Cats eat goldfish, so goldfish is technically a 'cat food'. mm.. goldfish.

mm... sushi...

oh and more lab pictures tomorrow.

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sikha said...

i like how catfood suddnely became sushi...and hunger suddenly became cat food...