08 April 2006

This food ordeal


University dining gives us $1200 + $300 to spend on food. Of course, all the prices are overpriced. A coke costs something like 20% more within campus than outside. And also, they don't have those Cadbury Eggs I really like which are supposed to appear during this time. Honestly, I don't even eat that much, and I'm not that much over the limit.

Dorms cost too much. Bastard university. See if you get any alumni support.

That's all I have to say. I'm not a big fan of spending outside of campus (that's another story, for another day). So if someone were to buy me those eggs I would be pleased. ahem.


First, organic lab. From 9am to around 12pm
Then, research lab. Of course, none of my reactions worked, and I'm getting extremely frustrated. Well at least the goldfish know who I am now (I think).

Bah. This is a rather dry post. It ends here pretty much.

How about some pictures?

yah. Pointless post. I know. To be honest, I forgot what I was going to ramble about.

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