20 April 2006

long time no see... isashiburi des ne

Yes. Haven't posted in a while. 2 days is a while.

Today's Southpark was ... meh.

Next wednesday, - How Japanese saved me 6 hours on a Organic Lab assignment. It will be interesting.

But in the meanwhile, registration for summer and fall classes are over. There are some pictures worth seeing...

Remember wayyyy back when I posted my ORIGINAL spring schedule? Here it is again....

Well back then I was a BIG LIAR. This is my actual schedule that I follow ---

If you look closely (at the bottom right corner), it says HOURS IN CLASS: 25.5

Yes. And also if you're thinking "HE HAS CLASS ON SATURDAY?"

- YES. 25.5 HOURS OF CLASS A WEEK. That's like saying, "I'm in class for over a DAY (24 hours) each week."

That is enough to drive a person to insanity. (Only "normal" people can go insane. If you're already crazy like me, then doing this has no effect on anything).

But this schedule doesn't even include my lab hours! Some life eh?

Wellllll here's my summer schedule...
Again, HOURS IN CLASS: 20. Perhaps it's not as bad as Spring.

Here's the kicker - FALL 2006.




-Classical Dynamics
-Introduction to Computational Physics
-Advanced Conversation I
-Bioseminar - which I am thinking of replacing with Tae Kwon Do for N00bs 1.

I'm glad registration is over. Now I can peacefully...um. continue on headstrong. When I was looking for the old schedule, I came across one of my posts where I compared myself to a ninja fighting off the Tengu. And just a couple of posts ago, I compared myself to a secret agent.

Now I can't decide. Ninja.. or Secret Agent. If I was a ninja, I could say thing like "The life of a ninja is full of peril" like Cartman. If I was a Secret Agent, I could say things like.. "The name's Dash. Dev Dash".


I have no idea why the first two pictures look so distorted. Click on them to see them nicely.

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