07 April 2006

The Military Hierarchy = a little conceited. ok more than a little

hmm I think of people like... belonging to different classes in the military.

People conform pretty well to military classes. For example, there's the soldier, who needs his fellow comrades all the time and can't live without them. And then there's the Lieutenant, who needs to command a group, but he himself is controlled by some rank (I wouldn't know). There are all these ranks and each has some sort of leadership position. Of course, Generals are useless without their subordinates. At least Lieutenants can shoot guns.

The business majors, for example, cannot live without controlling someone. Their existence depends solely on control, whether it be control the market, obtain a bigger business, more profitable clients, ultimately, they want control over people. Also, business people cannot survive without people. (business = trade). Therefore business sucks.

That's not the point i wanted to make.lol. But anyway, there are 'other' ranks. Like... secret agent. Yes. Often, I would like to believe that I am a secret agent. (I swear, if you laugh too loud...). But no! Think about it.

1) Operates alone
2) Prefers seclusion
3) Prefers darkness
4) Lives off minimal nutrient
5) Always has an agenda
6) Sempre logical
7) Has many many ways of mass genocide

hmmmmmm, now the corollaries to my life:

1) Working alone is awesome. Working with people means that you can only work as fast as the slowest person. That sucks.
2) Again, I'm perfectly content by myself.
3) Darkness is... awesome. Many people wonder why I like darkness but I love flashlights. Well, listen up. I don't like random light. Random light gives you away. Flashlights are controlled sources of light. You can turn off flashlights, and blend into the darkness, but when the time arises, the light of truth appears. (On a side note, light is commonly associated with truth... but I think it's one of the biggest lies ever. I mean look at the sun. It totally blinds you from other sources of truth (the stars)).
4) This is such a gimme. Anyone who knows me absolutely recognizes this. I've had one meal today, and I'm totally fine. Many a days go by where I live off インスタント食品。
5) An agenda is always there. And I try to make it fulfill as many purposes as possible. This is known to other people as premonitioned multitasking.
6) Council members speak, votes, a decision is followed through. Followed until the work is done.
7) Heh heh heh. Mercury? Hi-Di? Polyacrilamide Waste? It's probably a good thing I don't get angry that often.

So yeah? You believe me now? I'm a secret agent. But you know.... even a secret agent operates for someone. There is one last level to ascend to... Rogue Agent = works for noone, lives for noone. Awesome.

That's right. And I'm not there yet. You'll know when I get there. Entire computer backbones will fall, I'll be president, and the world will look something like... Terminator's future.

In other (more light-hearted) news, the goldfish! They don't like each other for some reason. Every time I look, they're at opposite sides of the plastic container, sleeping. LAZY GOLDFISH. WHERE ARE YOUR COUNCIL MEMBERS.

Oh yes. I've talked too much. Here are some more pictures.

This is my lab bench. Note some things - the blue cup used to drink coffee out of, the big container of water where... I take water for the goldfish. :D. Also, my backpack. Not much to see, except those nozzles do emit propane, so don't f*** with me, or I'll turn your dorm room into a fireball.
The computer. Many a websurfing is done here. Not much to see... moving along.
The two blasted machines that continually ruin my life. Why can't these damn things work? Well. the problem is, they work too well. You have to have the concentrations of the reactants just right otherwise, you get nothing.

Oh btw, they're PCR machines. They make copies of DNA. So you put in one copy, and it gives you a million copies in 3 hours. Except... recently I've been putting in one copy and I'm getting....NOTHING BACK. Sometimes, I feel like stabbing myself in the face when this happens, but then I think, I should stab the machine. ... bastard machine.
There you can see one of my samples running. Look on the display. It says Run: DEV3. Yes. My samples are currently (not) working. And that batch of samples (run last Saturday) didn't work.
Damn it.

\You guys remember that Habitat for Humanity business? All these people in front of Gregory in little cardboard houses. You think "aww, these people are advocating helping the homeless by living like them for a week". Then you look inside and there's LAPTOPs AND TELEVISIONS AND PLAYSTATIONS AND OTHER RICH PEOPLE STUFF

POOR HOMELESS PEOPLE DON'T HAVE LAPTOPS KTHX. So either... give up the laptops and really live like the poor to advocate the cause... or... stop blocking my way.

There has been a lot of hate in this post, especially toward the PCR machines. I'm sorry PCR machine, please make my samples work.


Reiha Malfoy said...

Haha. You noticed it too. The laptops thing. And you know what kind of laptop? Apple. The expensive shit.

Alex said...

PCR machine? wtf? like... pcr as in polymerase chain reaction?

i didn't know you could do that with a machine. man, science these days...