12 April 2006

Things go out with a bang.

The end of the semester is usually when things start winding down, slowly. But no. Here, things go out with a bang.

For example.

I have a 10 page paper, a 4-5 page math paper (math paper?), a presentation, a 15 page lab writeup, and 2 organic lab writeups due in the last week of school.

Of course, there are other ways of going out with a bang as well.

I had best get started soon.

Robert and Kevin brought me eggs today. O so awesome. See, every Easter, all the stores are supposed to stock these eggs, but JCL doesn't have them, and I'm too busy (lazy) to go elsewhere.

Now. The meat.

The Immigrants. So apparently, a bunch of people have been protesting for immigrant rights yelling shit like "OMG MY MOM IS NOT ILLEGAL".... Yeah.. she is.

Everywhere on the news "thousands rally for immigrant rights" etc etc etc. Real immigrants have.. greencards. If you don't have a greencard/citizenship, then you are worthless.

Yeah. I bet you know what's coming. If that little machine can replace you, then... you need some skills, fool. And look at that picture! That guy is about to remow a section. OMG! My robot can do better. Without the "afternoon siestas" and things like that which I hate.

Speaking of which. People that regularly take a nap during the daytime need to be beaten to a pulp. NIGHT = sleep. Hell. Some people don't even sleep through the entire night. Damn people. If you need a nap, yeah ok. But every day from 2-5, then go kill yourself.

Because you know what's going to happen? those siestas add up, fools. Then 20 years later, when you're making 30k a year for 10 kids, you'll be like "ohhh my life sucks" but the worst part is, YOU FOOLS WANT IMMIGRANT RIGHTS.

Sorry. I don't feel like letting this country being overrun by skill-less labor.

But wait. Sometimes I wonder, why do people come here in the first place?

Man I'm so glad that Bering land bridge has melted, otherwise the mexicans would make their way to Asia. and that would suck because there'd be things like indo-mex food, and jap-mex food and nasty things like that.

also that mexican hat dance needs to go to hell.

just to be fair, only mexico sucks. Argentina and Brazil are pretty cool.
Like that guy. Carlos Chagas. I suppose you can read all about him. But he was nominated for something very cool.


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Alex said...

deb, i gotta agree with you 100% haha

they've been slowly polluting our culture. now mcdonald's and wendy's are serving mexican food. and there's this genre of music called "reggaeton" --which is neither reggae nor 'ton'--it's just plain bad music.

mexicans have the world's worst taste, too! in EVERYTHING. cars? they prever bright purple hernandez-mobiles with chrome accents. ugly as shit.

girls? they prefer those thick chicks that have bad teeth and were probably male chickens (roosters) in their previous lives. and they smell bad too. ugly as shit.

houses? they live in the CRAPPIEST of ghettos! have you seen a mexican live in a suburban neighborhood with clean lawns and nicely-maintained houses? NOOOOO. you just see them mowing the lawns and throwing their used mexican soft drink cans around.

they come here illegally and all of a sudden demand the US to provide them with health benefits, education funds, subsidized housing, and food stamps? COME ON. if i go to mexico illegally, i won't be getting none of that shit, so why do they expect us?

what we need to do is fill the border with land mines. kinda like the korean border. you don't see much cultural mingling with them koreans, now do you?