03 September 2005


So last night everyone decided to go to the BKG Party at Spiros. It was "relatively empty" when we got there, but 30 minutes later, omg. That club packed up like you wouldn't believe. Honestly, you can dance in that club faster than you can walk around it.

And alll the drinks were free and nobody told me.. (not like I would have drank...)

So then, it was pretty boring, because all the girls were ugly. It's so hard to find someone who's decent and not slutty looking. I also realized, dude, I can do the robot, and damn does it look cool...

Well, now I will make a small list of things that I was looking for, but didn't find:

1) Purple dress. Everyone is wearing black. That's so monotonous. Actually, I take that back, I would have liked almost any other color besides black...

2) Poofy cheeks. All the girls have been on diets for weeks, so their cheeks cave into their face a little. So if you diet, you won't have poofy cheeks. Poofy cheeks are freaking awesome.

3) Again, I really wanted to see a pair of poofy cheeks.

I will add more to this later when I think of some more. Also to come later "Things that rock."

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Alex said...

You really ought to specify which "cheek" you're talking about.