10 September 2005


Hah! I just got AyuTrance 3.

I think this will keep me going until.. Initial D 4th Stage Selection 2 comes out.

And I found this guy online who has... check it out...
That's like.. almost all of it. (not really, there are like 158 CD's total). But if someone were to steal this for me... I'm all up for it. I mean "persuade to give up". Yes.... If you look closely, he has the other ayu-ro mixes too.

On other note, I've finished 1 physics problem. Yes folks. One.. out of 4. Undoubtedly, the rest of them will take me the better part of my life.

You'd think I'd jump off a cliff or something because of these.. but no! I've got eurobeat.

[blank space]

Eurobeat rocks. Ironically though, the physics course I'm in concentrates on sound, beats, and everything harmonic....

I'm going to cry now.

1 comment:

zetec said...

Eurobeat - let' s make a stepping right on
To the beat - we got to move the hands
Eurobeat - this is the night so come on
Move your feet - we got to have some fun

you like eurobeat and you don't play ddr or any bemani? you should check it out.