02 September 2005

Things they need

Now i've been through a bit of college, and these are some courses they really need (or people really need to take)...

1) How to use a computer and not mooch off the nerds.

2) Time Management 101:Getting my 2 hour homework done in less than 3 days.

3) Food Management: Buffet does not mean eat everything, rather, eat something particular.

4) People Skills 101: Black people will always be scary.

126 hours for a B.S. in Physics. Isn't that... excessive? I went to IT copy yesterday to get my Waves book, and they say "Sorry, our credit card machine is broken".. so then I had to walk to my bank to get some cash. In this Texas sun, walking is a chore. And it probably doesn't help that my Waves book weighs as much as my head.

It's been less than a week, and the clothes are already piling up in random places (e.g. bookshelf)

Finally, I will probably start some sort of International Film club. Everyone come see me. I believe my title is "Grand Chancellor".

Jaa. Class in 51 minutes.

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