22 September 2005


I'd like to say that business majors have total pussy schedules. My roomate has allocated time for "sleep" and "xbox". And I'm waking up 5 hours earlier than I have to just to do a bit more work.

Natural sciences 15 hours = Business 24 hours. Easily.

Here's a sample of my day yesterday:

645: Wakeup, mull around, check email
715: Shower
738: Get dressed
8am: Organic Chemistry
9am: Waves & Optics
10-11: Start writing paper
11am: Intro to Japan
12pm: Get a salad, go to lab
6pm: leave from lab, go to room
6-7: rest
7pm: leave for RLM
12pm: return (after brain is fried)
12:40ish: sleep

See any xbox? Today will be even crazier.

Also, I have to read the tale of Genji.

Before anyone says anything.. I've already told myself.

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