27 September 2005

"How to do a late add through Dean's office, Biology office, and 18+ hour approval" by Dev

1. Obtain shotgun
2. Shoot foot
3. Repeat (2) until you get what you want.

Probably the easiest way. That receptionist at the biology office seems to know absolutely nothing.

chem lab, physics quiz, organic test, physics homework. bah. What is with this wretched existence?

A typical conversation with PRA (physics teacher) is as follows:

Me: Can you tell me how to solve this using normal coordinates?
PRA: Well, the first thing you do is double derive and insert it in the general wave equation..
Me: But that's the systematic method, can you tell me normal coordinates?
PRA: Yes! Normal Modes! A normal mode of a system is where all the masses have the same amplitude and phase shift. You find the normal modes by ...
Me: Forget it.

I can't wait till Thursday night (9pm, please). Whoo. Then, the only thing left will be a physics quiz. (and some lab, but that's just procedural).

I always liked these pictures (but I've never tried this...)

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