14 September 2005

first day in lab

first day in lab... and such...

Theresa's chemistry notes are faggoted up. Soon, I will post 2-3 characters from her notes and examples from my notes. I have 3 pages of orgo notes so far.

Today, I was in the library getting a book on hold, and it was the only one left. When I got in the line, there was this guy in front of me who wanted the same book but didn't know the title.

Then, I was like. I want the RED book. He looked at it, and he's like "damn it."

Also... have you guys seen the iPod Nano? Apple has done it again, and is going to take over the world.

I was going to write about something, but I forgot what. It will come to me soon enough.

I got some Chinese song. I bet Theresa could translate this.

Chinese song.

jomon --> yayoi --> kofun. yea.

Also, my waves teacher can't teach. I'll write something more coherent tomorrow after.. lab.. and sushi. at kyoto. no not the city.

1 comment:

shinigami said...

Number 1: My notes are NOT "faggoted" up. I am going to bitchslap your ass tomorrow morning.

Number 2: You forgot that I don't speak Mandarin.

Number 3: My notes are not faggoted up.