13 November 2005

I got an idea

I saw the birds today (by Pixar).. Haha. It was awesome. I have it with me, so if you want it... you're going to have to tell me because I can't direct link a pirated file.

Oh its linked all right, you just don't know where it is.

Tonight, Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night = organic chemistry marathon.

I was walking on Guadalupe today and I saw this hobo guy and he started walking toward me, and just when I was about to freak out, he walked away.

Those hobos are so damned wierd.

Ahh.. Sunday night. 2 assignments due tomorrow, and now someone has just notified me that I'm using up 75 GB on the math server.

I'm going to be burning a whole lot of Korean movies to DVD's (also my eurobeat...). Before they get locked up in my plastic vault, holler up if you want some.

Also, I'm signing up for a class next semeseter only because they give out free food at every meeting (no homework, free food, research speakers)... holy shit. That's like win-win-win situation.

Ok. More on this craziness tomorrow.

And here is your moment of zen.

Me: Why are you downloading the Rambo Trilogy.. It signifies homosexuality
Smriti: Well, then I must be gay.
Me: .... Well. That settles that.

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Sikha said...

hollering hollering and some more hollering.