17 November 2005

Yes.. haha. 2AM.

Remeber when I wanted to get out at 2AM after sleeping? Well. I got out in a t-shirt, and it was ... 40 degrees outside (9-10 degrees celsius?) and I started thinking.. Should I go back for a jacket?.. Nah.. "I've gone too far"

Big mistake. Then Jonathan joined me for Orgo cramming and we decided to go to 7-11 for food. Hah. Another big mistake. Shivering the entire way there, and then we saw my bank!. OMG LET'S TAKE REFUGE INSIDE. So we stayed inside the ATM booth for 10 minutes warming up.

Turns out, I didn't go back to my room for a jacket until about 10:30AM, and by that time, it was already warming up. But I have to note, even though Texas weather is crazy, Texas people are crazier. [Notice that I didn't say "we".. I don't consider myself a Texan.. please... No can can be that uncivilized]

In physics, 1/2 the class looks like eskimos in their jackets.

Guys.. It's not that cold outside...

So I'm back in the night.. in RLM. I like to think of myself as... on Tengu duty. Yes, I'm making sure UT is free from Tengu, Big Foot, Yeti, Chupacabras, and all the other things that roam the night.

A little scary? Perhaps. [I just try not to think of that girl from Ju-on]. Oh shit. I started thinking about her.. and I'm alone in the computer lab.. Damn it.

You know what else? Right now, the escalator outside is making wierd noises. If someone really wanted to scare me... this is the time. Although I'd have a heart attack and make you feel really guilty.

Shit this is a long post. Here's a picture.

This is what Tengu's do. They kidnap little kids. See the ninja? That's me. On nightly Tengu duty.

Enough of this scary business. You guys all have to try this. When you're really thirsty, go take a shower. It's the wierdest feeling ever. I kept thinking this morning "Wow. I'm really thirsty, and there's all this water around me, but I can't drink it... this is a wierd feeling".

Then again, crazy things do happen in the morning. I got back from my shower and my roommate was like "Aaaja Aaaja", which means "Come here" in Hindi..

I was like "Wha.."

These pants are a little bit to small for me, my socks are mis-matched, my shirt feels staticky, and I have one of the hardest Organic Chemistry tests today...

I have a feeling today will be very unpleasant.

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