06 November 2005


This has been a very short weekend. I think that with my 3 tests next week, I might actually crack at the end of this week.

Oh well. I know some other people that have it ("life") worse than I do.

I have an interesting proposition. Imagine that you were a robot, and you had a defective part, and if you didn't rip it out, it would eventually catch fire, catching you on fire. Wouldn't you rip that thing out as fast as possible?

Now replace "robot" with "person" and "defective part" with "relationship". Guys, I'm not sure I can stress this enough. People around me, people with similar aspirations, don't get caught in this whirlpool.

I was passing by the Japanese department boards and there was some chinese writing on there and under it, someone wrote "LEAVE YOU CHINA DOGS". I probably shouldn't have laughed that hard (some chinese people were looking at me).

I'm continuing to torture everyone with the "My Humps" song. Yes. Everyone I play it for eventually gets it stuck in their heads. One n00b even got the song stuck in the middle of a genetics test.

Well. I forgot what I was going to write about. Huzzah!

Finally, I'd like to add that catalytic hydrogenation can kiss my ass.

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