08 November 2005


I guess you can say I'm a little stressed. [Waves test tomorrow]. Most likely, it will own me.

I will put up a picture of me getting owned by waves tomorrow after the test. [And then! I have a Japanese History test... which requires quite a bit of reading.. although the study guide will help....]

Yes folks, I'm in college, and Dr. Stalker gave out a study guide for our next Japanese history test. Naturally, If I work on the study guide on a computer, I will be posting it here for everyone's enjoyment

Speaking of posting.. I have yet to post my rough drafts for my articles.

Also, I'm thinking of getting a domain name... What do you guys think of "www.piotrrcola.com" ?

[It doesn't exist!! I can have it!]

Now, if anyone goes out and registers this domain name just to spite me.. well, I don't get annoyed that easily, but bad things will happen to you. Also, piotrr.com is available. Wheee..

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