19 November 2005


Hmm. I just impulse bought something. If you want to see it... come see me.

Yesterday, I went to Subway with a friend and I think that this was the first time I was truly discriminated against. I knew something was wrong when she was putting the chicken in my sandwich and some fell out. Yeah, its ok that it falls out, but its not very respectful.

Also, when she went to toast the sandwich, a piece of cheese fell out and that was not replaced.

Now I know what some of you are thinking. "Stop being so picky". Ok, well keep listening...

Then when she went to charge me for it, I gave her my UT ID card, and she started sliding it through the credit card reader. (Umm.. A UT ID isn't a credit card...). So I told her that, and she was like "YEAH, I know...".

Ok.. Then I asked for a cup for water, she said "yeauh" in the most sarcastic way possible.

You know what though? It feels really shitty, but I understand the sentiment, although it can't be avoided. The asians come, 'steal' the jobs because we're better at it, and then proceed to outsource it.

Overall, it was probably more of a religious discrimination (She had a cross on that was about 2 inches long). This is why christian people are disturbing. Always getting in people's way. Whether it be through intelligent design, or complete bans on abortion, or making me feel bad.

I guess they are as wrong about religion as anyone else.

Damn. Just believe whatever you want, don't get in my way.

Time for another story

Half way through reviewing over my orgo test, I smell something funny. It's my hands. And they smell like.. chloroform (which, you orgo bitches out there better know that haloforms have a CHX3 formula...).

5 seconds later, I have this instant throbbing headache. Really bad headache. After the test, I call the 24 hour nurse hotline and they say "Go to the emergency room because you've inhaled a controlled substance...etc ...etc). Then I call CR, and he says go take a walk for 20 minutes.

I like taking walks better than the ER. My headache went away but lesson learned?

Be more careful around chloroform.


[This is getting long.. I know]

I was reading this book called "Our Inner Ape" and there was a pretty interesting quote.

"Scratch an altruist and watch a hypocrite bleed"... [Referring to the fact that we help each other only because we want something in return]...

What do you guys think?

And now... time for a picture. Click on it to see it better.

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