01 May 2006

Search for Sock

This morning I went to the pretentious Blanton Art museum, and saw a lot of pretentious art work and then proceeded to think the rest of the day about what a waste my morning was. But anyway, I snapped some pictures with Chan's camera, and I should have those up soon, when I get them back.

There were all these wierd things. One room just had a bunch of shiny things hanging from the ceiling. This is art? Other paintings looked like a 3-year-old drew them. I wonder if I can get away with things like these.

You know what I really want to know - either those artists are really really stupid or really really good at tricking people in believing that's art.

Also later, I did my laundry, came back and started sorting my clothes when I noticed a sock was missing. I hate that feeling. Sometimes, like a week later, I find it hiding in one of my t-shirts. But no. Not this time. And it was a good sock too. One of those pretentious socks.

Anyway, I started cursing the dryer and washer about how those machines always eat my clothes AND my money and then I realized, I should be part of the solution. So I went to the laundry room and searched for my sock. (It was behind the laundry machine).

A little after that, I went to JCL to grab a sandwich that clearly said "Grilled Chicken" but had beef in it. I wasn't too happy. I told the cashier and she went to speak with someone (some.. hispanic person) and I was overhearing their conversation.

The hispanic person was saying something like "Not everything can be perfect, everyone makes mistakes you know..." as if he was using the fact that he was human as an excuse.

Man I can't stand that. What's that one awesome motto?

"Relentless pursuit of perfection"
Yes. Something to live by.


Here goes - People, everyone, stop blaming other people and "human nature" for your own shortcomings. I stopped blaming the washer/dryer and found my sock. This hispanic guy should take the blame for trying to feed me beef. Hah. Biatch. I'll feed you some polyacrylamide waste.

If you f*** up, it's your own fault.
Not the professors',
Not "humans make mistakes", Not the TA's, etc. None of that BS. Take the blame for yourself. You'll be better for it.

If you didn't get the title, it's a parody off Star Trek - Search for Spock.

This has been a long post. How about a picture?Kimura - Neutral theory of Molecular Evolution. Quite possibly one of the most interesting things ever. Man this is a really old picture too. He's not alive anymore btw, but I'm still trying to muddle my way through what he accomplished.

This is one of those things you would never knew I had an interest in - molecular evolution. Unless you asked me about Ohta/Kimura, etc.

Like a barrel-o-monkeys eh?

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Anonymous said...

you are pretty interesting, and you crack me up.

i agree with the pretentious art; good art only requires a look, and one instantly knows...